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an introduction:

i suppose an introduction is in order, considering that i just kind of popped in without any invitation or anything. i'm a blossoming fan of the tengu, especially the karasu-tengu. i'm a closet corvidophile, and a lover of myths, legends, and all sorts of other things - so it only figures that i'd end up loving Tengu.

ANYWAY. i also have a tendency to ramble. i also like shinies.

i like to draw tengu. maybe i'll post some pictures of them later. 'tis too late now.

(:> )=    <--- happy crow-face.

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So what is/are everyone's favorite bird(s)? Here's my pick:
Avocet: a bird of coastal waters with a beak that curves upward like a U rather than downward. It feeds by moving its beak like a scythe.

Safat: a mythological bird that flies until its death; it never lands on a tree or the ground. It lays its eggs in the air. The chicks hatch before the eggs reach the ground, and anything that eats the eggshell fragments will go mad.
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teh faeriez0rz hat mee!

I was reading the community userinfo and I realized I have a great story to tell you all!

Once upon a time I joined glamourbombs because I love making people feel as though something magical or mysterious has happened to them and not knowing who did it (OMGZ TEH FEARIES). That's what glamour bombing is all about to me: bewildering people with something that seems fantastical, like something out of a fairy tale. So the moment I joined I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce myself by writing up the story of a recent "glamour bomb" my best friend had concocted. My friend, a biology major, lived right next to a church in a very boring suburb. He's very good with chemicals and he thought it would be very amusing to mix up a mildly corrosive skin irritant (nothing dangerous, just a sort of itching powder) and smear it on the handles of the church door. That way, first thing in the morning someone would open up the church doors and notice, "Hey! My hands are burning!" Get it? Touching the church made their hands burn! Ha ha! Well, we thought it was pretty funny.

But the faeries didn't. :( They immediately banned me from the community and accused me of perpetrating a hate crime (hey now, it wasn't even MY prank!) and causing harm to people in a totally non-magyckal way! And the BEST part was that they surreptitiously edited the community info to remove any traces of support for ANYTHING even REMOTELY mean or illegal! For example, these two sentences used to be in the glamourbombs info:

"Is running around downtown in your city nekkid except for a cowboy hat and a tutu a glamour bomb? Yes! It may make somebody smile, but it's also probably illegal. No matter. This my dear friends is a glamour bomb."

"Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary. The best PT is against the law, but don't get caught. Art as crime; crime as art."

But the former sentence was totally removed and the latter was replaced with, "Go into the center of your town/city during pre/post work/commuter rush hour or during the lunch hour armed with a couple of big bottles of bubble solution and blow rainbow bubbles over the self-absorbed worker drones." Oooh, happyshinybubbleglitter!!!!!!@#$%

In fact, the identical community at Blurty, which wasn't attacked by a mean unseelie troll, didn't edit its info. Their info is just like the original LJ glamourbombs community info, and hints at the lovely mischievous aspects of glamour bombing. Well, their loss, I say.
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