Rachael "Shade" A. R. (thewoylven) wrote in tengudo,
Rachael "Shade" A. R.

an introduction:

i suppose an introduction is in order, considering that i just kind of popped in without any invitation or anything. i'm a blossoming fan of the tengu, especially the karasu-tengu. i'm a closet corvidophile, and a lover of myths, legends, and all sorts of other things - so it only figures that i'd end up loving Tengu.

ANYWAY. i also have a tendency to ramble. i also like shinies.

i like to draw tengu. maybe i'll post some pictures of them later. 'tis too late now.

(:> )=    <--- happy crow-face.

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    lol that's hot

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    I AM A BEAR HELLO! Also, cute chick.

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